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Information, forms and useful links for parents and students

Name Position Phone Fax Suburb State
Brynn Anderson Grade 4 Elementary Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 259 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Mike Anderson ADAPT Counselor 218-229-3321 ext. 229 218-229-2572 Aurora Minnesota
Jodi Barkdoll Paraprofessional 218-229-3321 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Tiffany Bockelmann Elementary Music Teacher/QComp 218-229-3321 ext. 292 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Paul Carland Grade 5 Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 248 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
BriAnna Cromley Grade 3 Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 255 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Jill Eckman Paraprofessional 218-229-3321 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Coni Erickson Paraprofessional 218-229-3321 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Gail Esala Special Education Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 236 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Jen Flom Paraprofessional 218-229-3321 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Ted Fredrickson Grade 5 Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 251 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Jami Gauthier School Readiness Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 219 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Andy Hallin Grade 4 Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 258 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Casey Hallin Kindergarten Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 222 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Jeanette Haynes Paraprofessional 218-229-3321 218-229-2572 Aurora Minnesota
Pamela Herzog Paraprofessional 218-229-3321 218-229-2572 Aurora Minnesota
David Hillman Physical Education Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 104 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Tim Hogan Industrial Arts Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 294 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Stacy Holmstrom Grade 1 Teacher 218-229-3321 ext. 244 218-229-2572 Aurora MN
Kari Hunt Elementary Secretary 218-229-3321 ext. 203 218-229-2572 Aurora MN

About Mesabi East

The Mesabi East School District #2711 is a large school district encompassing 405.3 square miles in Northeastern Minnesota. It is a twice consolidated district, first with the consolidation of AuroraHoyt Lakes and the surrounding area. Subsequently, Aurora-Hoyt Lakes consolidated with Biwabik creating Mesabi East.

The school district's population is approximately 8,000 residents concentrated in the three communities of Aurora, Biwabik and Hoyt Lakes. The district is bounded by the following school districts: St. Louis County, Lake Superior, Duluth, Virginia, and Eveleth-Gilbert.


Go Giants!

It is the mission of the Mesabi East Schools to enable all students to achieve high levels of success so they can become self-directed, lifelong learners and informed, productive citizens in a changing world.

Every day, every student will come to school and be met with learning opportunities at his or her personal developmental level in all subject areas. He or she will leave school having been challenged, feeling successful, and looking forward to tomorrow.

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