• Anonymous Tip Line

    There is an anonymous way for students and parents to report incidents of bullying, harassment, or suspicious events. This tip line allows students and adults to anonymously share information with school officials and law enforcement about threats to student safety—whether that involves a threatened mass incident or harm to a single student. Every tip will remain anonymous.

    Please call or text:  218-209-4560

  • Athletics Registration

    Athletics Office/Student Services

    Fall sports practices (girls' swiming, soccer, cross country, and tennis) will begin on Monday, August 17th 2020.  The following forms need to be completed and turned in upon registering.  e~Funds is available for online athletic fee payments.  Athletes need to be registered and cleared for athletic participation by the Athletic office on or before the first day of practice. 

    e~Funds for Schools (Online payment)

    2020-2021 MSHSL Eligibility Brochure

    2020-2021 MSHSL Activity Signature Page

    2020-2021 Physical Exam Form

    Consent to Treat  (Must be completed and returned to the coach)


    To visit the Minnesotata State High School League's website, please select the link below:

    Minnesotata State High School League

    If you have questions, contact Athletic Secretary Nikki Swanson at 218-229-3321 extension 202. 


  • Attendance and Transportation Numbers

    New Attendance Line and Transportation Change Line at Mesabi East

    Mesabi East Elementary and Mesabi East High School will be implementing an Attendance Line and a Transportation Change Line starting on September 5, 2017.   Please dial 229-3321 and listen or options, or dial direct to the numbers listed below.

    ATTENDANCE LINE - Option 1

    Please report all absences to this line and leave a detailed message of who’s calling, your child’s name and the reason for the absence. 

    Direct Dial: 
    Elementary Attendance Line:  229-5310   OR  email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    High School Attendance Line: 229-5340   OR  email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Direct Dial:
    Transportation Change Line:  229-5320  OR  email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    We prefer transportation arrangements be made in advance and teachers notified by email or note prior to the morning of the change.  All other change messages should be left on the transportation line.  No return call will be made.  Any change prior to 7:30 a.m. on day of should be directed to the bus garage 229-3321 Ext. 550.  


  • Course Catalogs 2020-2021

    Please view the links below for student course registration:


  • COVID Support Group

    Mesabi East COVID Support Group

    Who:  High School Students

    When:  Wednesdays at 11:00 AM

    Mesabi East will be starting a COVID Support Group through Zoom.   This will be open discussion on how COVID is/has impacted your life, a place to share thoughts, emotions, coping strategies, etc.. and a place to feel connected to others who are enduring these difficult times.  The meetings will be hosted by the School Social Worker and the Dean of Students.  Please contact Dean Edstrom-  dedstrom@isd2711 for your Zoom code.

    Please have a parent sign the authorization below and send a picture back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Mesabi East COVID Support Group Authorization




  • COVID-19 - Governor Walz Executive Order

    Gorvenor Walz has issued an Executive Order 20-02 pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic.  Schools will be closed to students beginning Wednesday, March 18th through Friday, March 27th, 2020. 

    More information to follow.



  • Distance Learning FAQ

    Distance Learning Parent FAQ



    When, if ever, will my child be returning to campus for school this year?

    The Governor has stated that schools will do Distance Learning until at least May 4, 2020.

    Will my child have to be in front of his iPad from 8 a.m - 3 p.m., as if they were following a normal school-day schedule?

    The amount of coursework will vary for each grade level. Students should break up their day by exercising and doing projects similar to what they do in school.

    What is the BEST way to find current information from the school?

    The school website is the best place to find information. The Mesabi East Facebook has information also. 

    What is the BEST way to communicate with the school?

    For questions about coursework, parents should contact the teacher. For general school questions, the parents should contact a principal.

    What is the BEST way to communicate with my child’s teacher?

    The best way to contact teachers is by email. A directory is available by the following link:


    Am I expected to teach my child?

    During the Distance Learning time, parents should support the school by making sure their children are doing all their schoolwork on a daily basis. Parents are not expected to do the original teaching.

    I work. How can I expect my child to Zoom and do homework when they are also in charge of their younger sibling?

    If the time works in their schedule students should try and be part of the Zoom conference. However, if they cannot make the Zoom meeting, they can view the materials and do the homework at a different time. 

    How do I manage technical issues with my child’s iPad?

    Students having technical issues should contact their teacher. If the teacher cannot resolve the problem, the teacher will contact a tech person.

    I have WiFi but my child keeps getting bumped off when Zooming. Is it important that he is active in a zoom session?

    If you are having Zoom questions, please contact the teacher. 

    When will online learning start?

    Students will start Distance Learning on March 30

    Will the School District still have Spring Break?

    Yes, the school will follow the school calendar which has Spring Break scheduled for April 8 - 13, with school resuming on Tuesday, April 14.

    Does my child have to stay to the normal schedule?

    Students with questions about the school day should contact their teacher(s).

    How long will my child need to be online each day?

    This will vary for each grade level. There could be 60 minutes to over 4 hours of coursework per day depending on the grade level.

    When will assignments be due?

    The teachers will list the due date just like if the students were in school.

    My child was receiving interventions from another teacher during the school day. Will this continue?

    Parents with questions about interventions and support should contact their teachers.

    What about courses that require project-based teaching, such as Welding, Art and Horticulture classes?

    Some courses will have projects sent home Other courses such as Family and Consumer Science will have students take pictures of a meal that the student prepared to use as a project. Other courses might use simulated projects. Teachers are preparing lessons that will continue the learning in each course.

    What if my child has internet issues, will they really have to check in every hour?

    Students need to check into their courses every day for attendance purposes. If students have internet issues, they should contact their teacher. Elementary teachers will check attendance by using their morning meeting message.

    I would suggest having the HS teachers explain how to use zoom. My daughter didn’t know how to log in, so I was able to show her. One teacher told her a code to enter a meeting, another said to click on the link...she was lost.

    Students should contact their teachers if they are having trouble with Zoom or other applications.


  • East Range Childcare Survey

    The East Range Child Care Coalition is made up of community members, local leaders, and child care providers interested in expanding child care opportunities in the Aurora, Hoyt Lakes, Biwabik and Town of White communities. This survey aims to assess the demand for child care in the area.

    East Range Child Care Survey

  • Elementary - Return of School Items

    Dear Mesabi East Elementary Families,

    Re: Return of items to the school

    We are coming to the end of our 2019-2020 school year and are beginning the process of turning in our school items for students in grades K-6. You will turn in your iPads with chargers, hotspots (if you received one) with chargers, library books, and all other school books/materials assigned.

    Please follow the times as best you can:
    Tuesday, May 26th​ (​11:00 am - 6:00 pm): ​Last name begins with ​A-L Wednesday, May 27th (11:00 am - 6:00 pm): ​Last name begins with ​M-Z

    (If you cannot make these times, please contact Elementary Secretary, Kari Hunt to set up a time to drop off school items. Kari’s email is ​This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

    This process will take place at the following doors (please look for ​red ​and black ​balloons):

    ●  Door 2 (Fitness Center Door): Kindergarten and 1st grade

    ●  Door 3 (Early Morning drop off): 2nd and 3rd grade

    ●  Door 6 (Main entrance): 4th and 5th grade

    ●  Door 24 (Large Commons): 6th grade

    Please remain in your vehicle and teachers will come and gather the above mentioned items. When you drop off your items you will also receive your child’s report card, information for next school year, and your school picture composite. We hope to have it as fluid as possible, and we thank you in advance for your patience.

    Please follow the procedure listed for turning in iPads and hotspots:

    iPad turn in for grades K-4:

    ●  Chargers need to be returned for grades (K through 4th grade).

    ●  iPads turned in fully charged and turned off.

    iPad turn in for grades 5 & 6:

    ●  Student devices will need to have the passcode turned off. (Settings ---> Touch ID & Passcode ---> Turn Passcode Off)

    ●  iPads turned in fully charged and turned off.

    ●  Students currently in grades 5 and 6 keep their chargers.

    Hotspots turn in for grades K-6:

    Galaxy S9 phones need to be returned with a cable and charger block.

    Thank you for your help and support during the distance learning time. Sincerely,

    Amy Maki
    Elementary Principal

  • Elementary Supplies 20-21

  • Employment Vacancies

    Employment Vacancies

    Send all requested documents to:
    Superintendent Gregg H. Allen
    Mesabi East Schools, 601 N. 1st St. W.
     Aurora, MN 55705.

    For more information contact Superintendent Secretary, 
    Julie Mineheine (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), 
    at 218-229-3321 ext. 302
    Listed positions open until filled.

    Updated (9/29/20)

    Special Education Paraprofessionals
    ISD #2711, Aurora, MN, is accepting applications for Special Education Paraprofessionals up to 29 hours per week.  Persons interested should make application to Superintendent, Mesabi East Schools, 601 N. 1st St. W., Aurora, MN  55705.  Applications are available on the district website at Non-Certified Application or can be picked up at door #6.

    Substitute Teacher
    Application for Substitute Employment

    Literacy Tutor for MN Reading Corps

    Make a difference in your community and join our team as a reading tutor. Mesabi East Elementary is looking for reading tutors to give their time and talent to help our kids become successful readers and learners. 

    Tutors work one-on-one or in small groups with students during school hours throughout the school year. No matter if you’re a recent grad, career changer, stay-at-home parent or retiree, you can make a great tutor. No experience? No problem. Minnesota Reading Corps provides comprehensive training in strategies proven to help students learn, so tutors are well equipped to help students grow. 

    Perks as A Tutor 

    • Receive a stipend every two weeks
    • Earn up to $4,200 for college tuition or student loans. Tutors 55 and older may gift the award to their child, grandchild, stepchild or foster child.
    • Free health insurance and child care assistance for those who qualify. 

    Ready to be the change for struggling students? Learn more at ReadingAndMath.net. Questions can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 866.859.2825. 

    Send certified application, letter of interest, resume, and credentials to: 

    Superintendent Gregg H. Allen

     Mesabi East Schools, 601 N. 1st St. W., Aurora, MN 55705.  

     For more information call Superintendent Secretary, Julie Mineheine (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), at 218-229-3321 ext. 302.

    Employment Application


    The Mesabi East School District has partnered with Teachers On Call to fill our Substitute Teacher and Substitute Paraprofessional positions. If you are interested in applying, please  visit www.teachersoncall.com, or don’t hesitate to contact Teachers On Call directly at 800.713.4439 with questions. If you are already employed by Teachers On Call in a surrounding district, please contact them for access to Mesabi East (you need not reapply).



  • Farm2School 2020-2021 RFP

    Proposals due no later than 1:00 pm on March 25th, 2020.  Select link below for RFP packet.

    2020-2021 Farm2School School Lunch Program Request for Proposal

  • Free and Reduced Lunch Application

    Please select the link below to access the free/reduced lunch application.

    Free and Reduced Lunch Form 2020-2021

  • Iron Range Summer Institute Camp Information

    Iron Range Summer Institute Camp Brochure information here.

  • Mesabi East Distance Learning Plan

    Mesabi East Distance Learning Plan PDF

    Mesabi East School District #2711

    Distance Learning Plan

    How are we ensuring students have access to appropriate educational materials, including technology?

    Mesabi East School District provides one-to-one iPads for K-12 students for academic instruction and social emotional learning (SEL).  The district will use the following platforms to provide core instruction to students: SeeSaw (Prek, 1-4), DoJo (K), Schoology (5-12), Zoom for live face to face interaction (K-12), Remind App (7-12) for communication one-to-one and large groups.

    For families who do not have internet access, the district will provide hotspots to the homes and tether the student’s iPad to the hotspot. Some families without phone service, internet access, and wifi, will receive packets that will be mailed or dropped off at the students’ residence. Families without internet access or wifi will receive phone calls from teachers to provide core instruction. 

    Intervention specialists and special education teachers will work with the classroom teachers to set up instruction beyond the core instruction.  Permission slips will be sent to families that are affected by instruction beyond core instruction.


    How are we ensuring students receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s)?

    Mesabi East will ensure that student engagement for high school students is completed by checking into their courses everyday, and for elementary students answering a morning message question from their teachers. It is important for students to have a regular schedule and yet still allow for flexibility. Every decision that is made regarding our distance learning plan is made with our students’ health and safety in mind.

    How will we support the mental health needs of students?

    We will provide a list of local resources for mental health as well as contact information for the Care team that we have in place that is a multidisciplinary team of individuals across agencies. The resources and Care team information will be available on the school website, in the local newspaper, in the District newsletter, and shared in schoology as a link on individual teacher resource slides.

    As part of our ongoing effort to support parents and families, our multidisciplinary Care team includes school officials, a school social worker, a clinical therapist, mental health practitioners, a school nurse, and a school resource officer. The team communicates weekly while school is in session, and daily under the current distance learning plan.

    As part of a proactive plan, our multidisciplinary care team contacts students who have been identified as being at risk, through weekly phone calls. We contact families to “check-in” as a way to both connect with them and provide information about resources.

    The multidisciplinary care team does not require that a student be connected to a mental health provider. Once identified as having a need the team connects them with the appropriate service/agency/individual.

    As part of the multidisciplinary care team, our school social worker has access to resources in the area of human services that can assist families. Once it is decided that a family needs assistance with this process they are connected with the appropriate agency.

    We are a one-to-one District. Our at-risk students are provided with both technology and access to the internet in their homes. The mental health care providers are housed in our school as part of the multidisciplinary care team and have a safe and confidential place from which to deliver the telehealth service.

    How will the needs of students with IEPs be met?

    Students will receive support from teachers and support staff through online learning apps such as Seesaw, Schoology, Zoom, email, and phone calls. Through the apps we will be giving individual and group support. They will also be using pre-recorded videos to help support and teach students. 

    Students will be communicating online through the various apps that are being used such as Seesaw, Schoology, and Zoom. Other resources will be mailed and/or delivered to the student’s home. 

    Special Education teachers will be able to observe and/or collect student engagement data through parent reports, weekly progress monitoring, and information gained from apps such as Seesaw, Schoology, Zoom, email, phone calls, etc. 

    During distance learning, if evaluations cannot be completed fully, the evaluation will be put on hold. If an evaluation is able to be completed fully, there will be a meeting notice and evaluation report sent home. Team members will try to complete all areas of the evaluation; however, some areas may be difficult to be completed without student contact. Case managers will be in contact with families on evaluations that are open or due. 

    Paraprofessionals will support students and assist teachers as directed by their supervising teacher. 

    How will we ensure students have internet access as needed?

    We sent out a survey to parents and students asking about internet access.  The families that didn’t have internet access we followed up with a phone call inquiring more information regarding their internet access.  The district purchased hotspots to provide wifi to all families who have a need. 

    How will meal delivery or distribution occur?

    We provided survey opportunities to all of our families with questions regarding their need for breakfast and lunch during the distance learning time frame. Many families responded and the families that did not respond to the survey were directly contacted by the school.       Breakfast and lunch delivery will occur on a daily basis in the morning to the residence of the students who qualify. At any time families in need can contact the school to request meals. 

    How will the needs of students experiencing homelessness be met?

    Our students who are experiencing homelessness under the Mckinney-Vento Act are identified primarily through self-report, staff/community identified, or via census. The information is shared with the homeless youth coordinator and appropriate services are implemented.

    Through regular contact with family members and the impacted students we will provide resources. Our homeless youth coordinator will provide information regarding access to available services and programs. Meals and access to the internet are available to homeless students.

    As part of our ongoing effort to support parents and families, our multidisciplinary Care team includes school officials, a American Indian Education liaison, a school social worker, a clinical therapist, mental health practitioners, a school nurse, and a school resource officer.

     These agencies and individuals communicate weekly while school is in session, and daily under the current distance learning plan. Each member has a list of at-risk students (which includes homeless youth) they connect with weekly or as often as necessary through the communication methods mentioned above.

    Our District understands the challenges facing families in regard to access to virtual and distance learning opportunities. We have provided mobile hot-spots for identified at-risk students, learning packets are provided to students’ at their residence. 

    How will Early Learning occur? 

    The students will be given a take home packet that includes many simple activities that can be done around the house with common household supplies. i.e. Make numbers and quantiles on a math mat. Use shells, pom poms, or shell noodles. Pick a number card, count out that many items, and place it on the math mat.  The families will be reminded they do not need to complete all the activities, but should try to include 3- 20 minutes activities a day.

    Teachers will provide suggestions of websites, apps, and videos that can be used to supplement the take home packets, but are not required.  Parents will be reminded to sit with their child and/or have conversations about what they are learning.

    An initial pack of printed supplies (alphabet chart, alphabet and number cards, math mats, letter and number trace sheets, sensory recipes, and journals) will be mailed to the families.  Substitutions are suggested throughout the activities of possible supplies that can be used. Teachers will check in periodically to see if families need any additional supplies to complete the activities.  A second mailing will be used if necessary. Materials will not need to be returned.

    The activities provided in the take home packets were created with the MN Early Childhood Indicators of Progress and our monthly learning targets in mind.  Families are encouraged to complete a variety of ideas, therefore hitting multiple domains. Social emotional skills will be addressed through stories and songs.  Additionally, teachers will use zoom to allow classmates and staff to meet with each other.

    Most of the activities provided can be embedded into everyday routines and therefore can be completed by any caregiver.  Also, when reasonable, additional caregivers will be given access to classroom apps and technology used.

    How will we assess our students?

        Most of the students will be assessed similar to their regular courses when they were in school.  This will include various assessments such as multiple choice tests, projects, short answer questions, etc.  This may be generated through Schoology, SeeSaw, etc. District benchmarking will continue as well as weekly progress monitoring via SeeSaw, Zoom, and Schoology.  

    How will we regularly communicate with families?

    On the district level the superintendent will provide updated information by the use of instant alert, Facebook, and the school website:  www.isd2711.org.  Classroom teachers in the elementary will correspond with students daily in different ways such as SeeSaw, Class Tag, Dojo, Schoology, Zoom, phone calls, emails, and/or the Remind app.  High school teachers will correspond with students daily through Schoology, Zoom, phone calls, emails, and/or the Remind app.

    How will we address the needs of our tribal communities?

         The Director of  Indian Education for the St. Louis County Indian Education Consortium will coordinate efforts with the district. ·Local Indian education staff in communication with the Indian education director and school district will determine what if any extra measures are needed beyond what are being provided for all students.

    The consortium director is monitoring email from MDE Indian Education for assistance in supporting AI students and families. The consortium director has contacted Tribal chair individuals from neighboring tribes on behalf of our consortium schools to provide updates regarding their plans to support families and students.  


    How are we tracking attendance of students and staff?

    PreK-4: Students in grades PreK-4 will have their attendance taken by the use of a morning message question posted on DoJo or SeeSaw by the classroom teacher. Those who don’t have access to SeeSaw will be contacted by the teacher via phone or the Remind app.  

    5-6: Students in grades 5-6 will have their attendance taken by the use of a morning message question posted on SeeSaw by the classroom teacher and by checking into each of their courses in Schoology. Those students who do not have access to SeeSaw and Schoology will be contacted by the teacher via phone or the Remind app.

    7-12:  Students in grades 7-12 will check into each Schoology course. Attendance will be tracked through Schoology analytics.  Those who don’t have access to Schoology will be contacted by the teacher via phone, email, or the Remind app.  

    Staff:  Staff attendance will be recorded by reporting to their supervisor, team leader, and/or department head each day. 



  • Mesabi East Elementary School

    Welcome to Mesabi East Elementary!  We believe that every child can learn and should be given the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and inviting environment.  Mesabi East Elementary values every child and has created multiple opportunities for students to expand their academic and social/emotional horizons.  We begin the educational journey for our students in preschool where we are proud to offer many options for your child’s pre-school experience.  For children that are 3 ½ as of September 1st, we offer a 2-day program.  The two-day program is a tuition based program and runs the full school day on Wednesday (early out day) and Friday.  For children that are 4 as of September 1st, we offer 2 different 4-year-old programs (4-year-old program-3 days are free of charge).

    • 3 full day program on Monday, Wednesday (early out day), and Friday
    • 5 full day program (Monday through Friday)

    Beyond the preschool years we offer physical education, music, art, STEM (grades K-5), and industrial technology (grade 6). We provide extra support to students and their families through Reading Corps, Title One, Giant Success and Special Education. The success of each program is attributed to a clear vision, high quality instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment, data driven decision-making, and fidelity of implementation. These programs give students the opportunity to improve their reading and math skills in a small group setting so they can be successful in school and life.

    Our programs welcome the opportunity for parent involvement.  The school has opportunities for parents to be involved through our PTO, Early Childhood Coalition, I Love to Read Month, class field trips, and other monthly events throughout the school year.  

    If students are in need of extra academic support after school they are welcome to participate in Homework Help on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday or in our Targeted Service program on Tuesday and Thursday.




  • Scholarship Information


  • Season Tickets



    Student All-Sport Pass    (Gr. K-College)    $25.00

    Adult All-Sport Pass        $45.00

    Adult Multi-Sport Pass*      (10  games of choice)    $35.00

    Family Pass    (Parents & Students G r. K-College)    $90.00

    Sr. Citizen’s Pass** (Per Yr.)    (Age 55 or  older)    $20.00

    Note:  *Multi-Sport Passes may be used for any 10 events by any adult.  Tickets will be stamped at each individual event.

    **Lifetime Sr. Citizen Passes that were previously purchased will continue to be honored.

    Gate Prices will be $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for students.
    Tickets can be purchased in the Student Services Office

    Contact Nikki Swanson at (218) 229-3321 x202

  • Summer Newsletter

    The 2020 Summer Newsletter is now available. Click here to view.

  • Summer Soccer


    This summer, the East Range Soccer Club will have a U19 Girls and a U19 Boys Recreational Soccer team competing in the Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association Soccer League.

    Boys and Girls entering 7th grade through their senior year of high school (born in 2001 or later) are welcome to join.

    This is a great opportunity to play soccer with your fellow soccer friends, improve your soccer skills, HAVE FUN, and to prepare for Fall High School Soccer.

    No previous soccer experience is required and new players are welcome to join. Players from Biwabik, Eveleth, Gilbert, Mountain Iron, Virginia and surrounding areas are welcome to play. Feel free to share and encourage others to play.

    The season consists of 8-10 games starting in early June and ending the first week of July. Games will be either on Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday nights. 4 to 5 of the games will be at the new artificial turf high school soccer field in Aurora, while the remaining 4 to 5 games will be in either Two Harbors, Proctor, Hibbing, Grand Rapids, or Duluth area. Players are not expected and not required to make all games. The number of practices and practice times are yet to be determined.

    The Girls team will be competing in the recreational league. The boys team, depending on number of teams, will play in either the recreational or competitive league category.

    Each team roster requires 15-22 players for the season.

    Cost is yet to be determined and is dependent on final roster count and league category. Last year the cost was around $50 +/-$10 per player. This fee covers registration costs and insurance cost for each player. Payment is not required until May.

    Boys coaching will be by Eric Njimegni and Girls coaching by Kevin Riess. Assistant volunteers are also welcome.

    If you are interested, please complete the online form by clicking the EAST RANGE SOCCER LINK at arrowheadsoccer.com

    Alternatively you can sign up via the following link: https://forms.gle/ezjwJnEL79jM5hcWA

    The completed online form is due by Thursday MARCH 19. If you do not receive email verification of sign up by March 19, please contact us


    Please send questions to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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