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When, if ever, will my child be returning to campus for school this year?

The Governor has stated that schools will do Distance Learning until at least May 4, 2020.

Will my child have to be in front of his iPad from 8 a.m - 3 p.m., as if they were following a normal school-day schedule?

The amount of coursework will vary for each grade level. Students should break up their day by exercising and doing projects similar to what they do in school.

What is the BEST way to find current information from the school?

The school website is the best place to find information. The Mesabi East Facebook has information also. 

What is the BEST way to communicate with the school?

For questions about coursework, parents should contact the teacher. For general school questions, the parents should contact a principal.

What is the BEST way to communicate with my child’s teacher?

The best way to contact teachers is by email. A directory is available by the following link:


Am I expected to teach my child?

During the Distance Learning time, parents should support the school by making sure their children are doing all their schoolwork on a daily basis. Parents are not expected to do the original teaching.

I work. How can I expect my child to Zoom and do homework when they are also in charge of their younger sibling?

If the time works in their schedule students should try and be part of the Zoom conference. However, if they cannot make the Zoom meeting, they can view the materials and do the homework at a different time. 

How do I manage technical issues with my child’s iPad?

Students having technical issues should contact their teacher. If the teacher cannot resolve the problem, the teacher will contact a tech person.

I have WiFi but my child keeps getting bumped off when Zooming. Is it important that he is active in a zoom session?

If you are having Zoom questions, please contact the teacher. 

When will online learning start?

Students will start Distance Learning on March 30

Will the School District still have Spring Break?

Yes, the school will follow the school calendar which has Spring Break scheduled for April 8 - 13, with school resuming on Tuesday, April 14.

Does my child have to stay to the normal schedule?

Students with questions about the school day should contact their teacher(s).

How long will my child need to be online each day?

This will vary for each grade level. There could be 60 minutes to over 4 hours of coursework per day depending on the grade level.

When will assignments be due?

The teachers will list the due date just like if the students were in school.

My child was receiving interventions from another teacher during the school day. Will this continue?

Parents with questions about interventions and support should contact their teachers.

What about courses that require project-based teaching, such as Welding, Art and Horticulture classes?

Some courses will have projects sent home Other courses such as Family and Consumer Science will have students take pictures of a meal that the student prepared to use as a project. Other courses might use simulated projects. Teachers are preparing lessons that will continue the learning in each course.

What if my child has internet issues, will they really have to check in every hour?

Students need to check into their courses every day for attendance purposes. If students have internet issues, they should contact their teacher. Elementary teachers will check attendance by using their morning meeting message.

I would suggest having the HS teachers explain how to use zoom. My daughter didn’t know how to log in, so I was able to show her. One teacher told her a code to enter a meeting, another said to click on the link...she was lost.

Students should contact their teachers if they are having trouble with Zoom or other applications.


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